Personal Loans

Need some extra cash on hand? Whatever the case, Citymark has a loan for you.

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Signature Loan Terms Loan Amount
Consolidating bills? Car Repairs? Or, do you just need some extra money to get back onto your feet? Whatever the case, Citymark has a loan for you. With a personal loan, you can consolidate your high-interest credit cards, or maybe get those much needed car repairs done. Up to 72 months Up to $15,000

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Share Secured Loan Terms Credit
A loan 100% secured by your savings account. Up to 180 months No credit check required

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Holiday Loan Terms Loan Amount
A loan just in time for the holidays. 1 (one) year Up to $2,500

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Vacation Loan Terms Loan Amount
A loan to set your cares free and enjoy a sun kissed beach or family fun in the woods. 1 (one) year Up to $2,500

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Consolidation Loan Terms Loan Amount
Consolidate high rate credit cards into one low monthly payment. Up to 72 months Up to $15,000

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Equipment Loan Terms Loan Amount
Loans for your household/business needs. Mowers, excavators, trailers, etc. Up to 72 months Up to the appraised value/NADA/average sales price

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